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Welcome to Camp Sinai! 
Summer 2022

Dear Parents and Campers,


BH, we are very super excited to usher in another amazing summer!

We are now starting a younger Junior class of campers from ages 18 months through 2 1/2 years old and a Senior class  3-4 years old!





We want all our campers to have loads fun!

Camp Sinai will be a creative arts camp where we will incorporate daily Art, Music, Dance and Drama and Sports!

Kids in Preschool


We will be doing a lot of outdoor activities such as sports and 


Our indoor activities will include: Art, Music, Dance Drama, baking and STEM.

Decorating easter Eggs


All of these activities will be taught by our trained staff and myself who have been hired  to serve as role models, and friends for our campers. 

Happy Kids Huddle


Camp Sinai’s philosophy is  to provide each child a lot of love and to build up each child’s confidence so that they will benefit and be ready for school. We want your children to have so much fun and create  lasting memories and friendships.

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