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About Me




I've been singing to and teaching kids for many, many years.  I'm an early childhood teacher in Los Angeles, a Mommy & Me instructor, and my favorite thing in the world (besides my own kids) is making your kids happy and engaged with music, art, stories and fun activities.



My philosophy is simple: provide your youngest family members a developmentally appropriate early childhood experience that makes learning fun and happy.   Together, if we make your children love learning now, they'll love learning forever!


I know from my years of teaching that learning happens through play; and not just in the classroom but all day long.  Kids want to learn, and they especially want to learn with someone they trust and love being with.  


All of the videos and lessons you'll find here in Miriam's Playschool are designed to expose your children to creative learning activities through music, art, and story.  I can't wait to fire up your child's natural curiosity and thirst for learning.  

My videos and lessons are appropriate for ages 2-5, and I even have special videos for early-childhood (6 months and up)  based on the principles written and developed by Professor Edwin E. Gordon in Music Learning Theory for Newborn and Young Children,  a proven way to help children and parents develop skills that move from just listening to being active in the musical experience.

Yes!  Even your youngest family members have a place waiting for them in Miriam's Playschool.

Become a Part of the Family 

Do you want to share with your child a magical, musical experience?  That's what we offer here at Miriam's Playschool.   We want to engage not just your child but you as well.  Become part of our family, watch our videos with your children, and share some special time with your young learners as he or she grows and develops.

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